If you have been struggling to take your basketball game to the next level then this may be the “silver bullet” that you have been searching for!

You know how important it is to not only train hard…but to train properly to improve your skills and your overall game.  But how do you get proper training on all aspects of being a great “all-around” basketball player?

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The Basketball Insiders Club brings you training tips from the top basketball trainers and coaches in the industry.

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Sneak Peak Of Our Coaching Call With Taylor Allan:

1.  Taylor discusses how to improve your shooting in 3 simple steps and one of the biggest mistakes basketball players are being taught.

2.  Taylor discusses what he feels are the biggest training mistakes he see basketball players making.

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Here is just a sample of what you are going to discover:

  • 3 simple steps to improving your shooting and the biggest mistakebasketball players make with their shooting.
  • What the biggest mistake basketball players  make with their training (this is likely the exact opposite of what you would think!)
  • The 2 best exercises for increasing your quickness on the court
  • The biggest factor that separates the elite players from the bench warmers (hint: it has nothing to do with your skills!)